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TP-Link VIGI C540V 4MP Outdoor Full-Color Dual-Lens Varifocal Pan Tilt Network Camera

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  • 4MP Super-High Definition:¬†4MP offers more than enough pixels to pick up some of the more¬†discreet¬†details.

  • 24h Full-Color::¬†Captures 24 hours of full-color details, even in pitch-black conditions,¬†thanks to¬†large-aperture lens,¬†a¬†high-sensitivity sensor, and¬†4√ó¬†attached supplemental lights.

  • 3√ó¬†Zoom:¬†Allows for closer viewing of objects in expansive areas.

  • Instant Zoom:¬†Zooming is instant without suffering from delays and image dragging.

  • Human & Vehicle Classification:¬†Distinguishes¬†humans and vehicles from other objects, so you receive more accurate event notifications.

  • Smart Detection:¬†Receive notifications and check feeds when someone crosses a boundary, enters an area you've set, obstructs the camera, removes/abandons objects, or enters/exits¬†certain region.

  • Powerful Pan Tilt:¬†Customized patrol routes and auto tracking provide more intelligent options to monitor key areas and improve security within your property.

  • Active Defense:¬†Warn potential intruders instantly with sound and light when abnormal events.

  • Two-Way Audio: With voice intercom support, carry two-way conversations while watching your feed from anywhere.

  • H.265+:¬†Compresses the video size without sacrificing video quality, easing the network load and saving disk space.

  • IP66¬†Waterproof:¬†Reliable IP66¬†for stable outdoor performance.

  • Flexible Management and Storage: Take full control over your security via four management methods: the web UI, NVR UI, VIGI app, and VIGI Security Manger.¬†Local storage is available for each method, as well as onboard storage with SD card slot (up to 256GB).

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TP-Link VIGI C540V 4MP Outdoor Full-Color Dual-Lens Varifocal Pan Tilt Network Camera

RM 499.00