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    HIKSEMI Hikvision M220P 32GB 64GB USB2.0 Flash Drive Pendrive

    RM 19.00 – RM 21.99

    •The USB flash drive has a USB 2.0 port.•Small, lightweight, plug and play, easy to carry.•Fast heat dissipation, dustproof, splash proof, shockproof and temperature resistant.•It is easy for you to...

    HIKVISION M210P USB 2.0 Series USB Flash Drive

    RM 18.00 – RM 23.90

    Although the development of a portable hard drive or cloud storage, USB still plays its role and many people still depend on flexible storage functions in a small design. Its...

    HIKVISION M200 USB 2.0 Series USB Flash Drive

    RM 19.90 – RM 26.00

    Material: MetalMax. read speed: USB3.0: 30-80MB/sMax write speed: USB3.0: 15-25MB/sExternal Product ID Type: Not AvailableWeight: 8g

    HIKVISION M200 USB Flash Drive & Pendrive (16GB/32GB/64GB)

    RM 19.00 – RM 29.00

    IntroductionM200S USB flash drive extends storage capacity for devices and realizes quick backup and storage for files. It provides Android devices and devices with the USB interface with a quick,...

    Kingmax PA-07 USB2.0 Flash Drive (32GB/64GB)

    RM 25.00 – RM 45.00

    ▪Cap buckle design, no more worries about cap loss ▪Strap hole ▪Capacity: 32GB/64GB ▪Interface: USB2.0 ▪Color: Black ▪Dimension:55.2 × 17.6 × 8.7 mm ▪Weight:8g ▪Operating Temperature:0° C ~ 70° C...

    Kioxia Toshiba Flash Drives Trans Memory & Compact USB Pendrive

    RM 22.90 – RM 49.00

    IOXIA TransMemory U202 USB flash drives make it simple to store media with a standard ease-to-use body.   Everyday Use TransMemory U202 USB flash drives' simple body means that this...

    Dahua S806 USB3.2 Gen2 Flash Drive (128GB/256GB/512GB)

    RM 99.00 – RM 359.00

    OVERVIEW> Elegant and sleek, the streamline zinc alloy housing is sturdy and has strong heat dissipation capabilities> With its flip-design, it is both stylish and convenient to use.> It is...

    Dahua Pendrive U106 / U176 / U166 Flash Drive (32GB/64GB/128GB/256GB)

    RM 23.00 – RM 99.00

    Operating System: Windows 7/8/10 or above MacOS 10.5 or above Linux 2.4.x or above Android 7.0 or above   Read Speed: 40–70 MB/s Write Speed: 9–25 MB/s

    Kingston DataTraveler Exodia DTX Pendrive USB 3.2 Flash Drive (128G/64G/32G)

    RM 25.00 – RM 55.00

    FEATURES/ BENEFITS > Compliant — with USB 3.0 specifications > Dual Compatibility — USB 3.0 connectivity; backward compatible to USB 2.0 > Customizable1 — Co-Logo program available > Guaranteed —...

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