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Targus Notebook Security DEFCON CL Combo Cable Lock

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- Easily Attaches To a Laptop Equipped with a Lock Slot
- Includes Security Base Plate Anchor for Additional Locking Solutions
- Up to 10,000 User-Settable Combinations
- 6.5 (2.0m) Feet of Galvanized, Vinyl-Coated Steel Cable.
- 4-dial combination lock Designed to secure most notebooks
- 1 Year Local Manufacturer Warranty
- Product Description

This Targus laptop security product finally provides a computer security solution with nothing to lose!
Everyday nearly 1,000 laptop computers are stolen- protect your laptop computer and its valuable data with this affordable laptop security product - the DEFCON CL.
The Targus DEFCON Cable Lock (CL) is 6.5 feet of cut-resistant, galvanized steel cable that loops around any secure object and easily attaches to your laptop computer's lock slot.
Our DEFCON CL features a user-settable combination lock with up to 10,000 possible settings.
The DEFCON CL is the first laptop computer security product to offer the benefits and convenience of a keyless security solution

About This Product
The laptop lock from Targus is a keyless, secure lock that can be carried in a backpack or travel bag.
Set up a combination, loop the cable around your laptop and a secure object, and get some peace of mind.
Convenient Security
No matter where you are, the DEFCON computer lock gives you security and peace of mind.
With a galvanized, cut-resistant steel cable, you can easily attach your laptop to a secure object and know that it will be safe.
This computer lock cable satisfies the needs of most laptop owners.
Easily Set a Custom Lock Combination
The Targus DEFCON laptop locking cable allows you to set a custom code to secure your device. This eliminates the need for a key, streamlining the security process.
Designed to Travel with You
This lightweight computer locking cable takes up little space in your bag, making it ideal for travel, school, dorms, and other high density areas.
Durable Reliability
When protecting your computer, you need a combination laptop lock you can rely on. The DEFCON laptop security cable is built to last. Your data will be secure.

Technical: Locking Device Up to 10,000 User-Settable Combinations
Locking device: Dimensions : 31m x 29.9m x 20.8m
Material of Item: Galvanized Vinyl-Coated Steel
Cable Length (ft.): 6.5 in (2.0m)/ Base Plate Included
Cable Diameter: 4mm
Warranty: 1 Year Local Manufacturer Warranty
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Targus Notebook Security DEFCON CL Combo Cable Lock

RM 149.00 RM 99.00