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Right Power True Double Conversion Online UPS Titan ONE+ Series 1KVA - 10KVA

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Option: Titan ONE+ 1K

  • Titan ONE+ 1K
  • Titan ONE+ 2K
  • Titan ONE+ 3K
  • Titan ONE+ 6K
  • Titan ONE+ 10K
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RM 1,999.00 RM 1,890.00
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The Titan ONE+ series is a tower type design with a true double conversion online single-phase UPS system. This series comes with an output power factor of 1.0. A comprehensive LCD display allows users to easily monitor and access their UPS status.

The UPS systems come standard with USB and RS-232 communication ports, as well as an intelligent slot for additional adapters, protocol converters, and relay contact cards. An Emergency Power Off (EPO) function is available for the 6KVA-10KVA models, which allows UPS to be shut off in the event of an emergency.

The Titan ONE+ series system is designed to provide clean, high-quality power to critical devices such as sensitive networks, small computer centers, servers, medical equipment, telecom applications, and industrial applications.


  • User Friendly LCD Display 
  • Tower Type Design 
  • Unity Ouput Power Factor - 1.0 
  • Wide Input Range (110V - 300V) 
  • Programmable Power Management Outlets 
  • ECO Mode Function for Energy Saving 
  • Emergency Power Off (EPO) Function 
  • Smart Battery Charger Design to Optimize Battery Performance 
  • Generator Compatible 
  • Optional N+X Parallel Redundancy 
  • Comes with RS 232 & USB Port, SNMP Slot and Power Management Software

Titan ONE+ 1K/1KS =1KVA / 1000Watts

Titan ONE+ 2K/2KS =2KVA / 2000Watts

Titan ONE+ 3K/3KS =3KVA / 3000Watts

Titan ONE+ 6K/ 6KS =6KVA / 6000Watts

Titan ONE+ 10K/ 10KS =10KVA / 10,000Watts


Titan ONE+ 1K, Titan ONE+ 2K, Titan ONE+ 3K, Titan ONE+ 6K, Titan ONE+ 10K

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Right Power True Double Conversion Online UPS Titan ONE+ Series 1KVA - 10KVA

Titan ONE+ 1K
Titan ONE+ 1K
RM 1,999.00 RM 1,890.00