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Panasonic Alkaline AA Size 2pcs Pack Battery LR6T/2B

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Panasonic LR6T/2B AA alkaline batteries are now available for today's digital devices. It is a long battery AA size compatible with other electronic devices. Flashlight, mouse, remote TV, remote control, air conditioner, radio, etc.

Panasonic Alkaline batteries

- Can be used in a wide range of apploances, from low-drain devices such as remote controls to high-energy-draw camera strobes and radio-controlled cars.
- High-quality Alkaline cells promise stellar performance, exceptionally long life and enhanced safety to protect you and your family.
- Technologies : Anti-Leak Protection If alkaline batteries are left too long an appliance, or if they are over-discharged and forgotten, gas can build up inside the battery and cause it to rupture and leak.
- Unique gas suppression technology is used in our alkaline batteries to prevent this from happening.
- Triple Tough Coating Triple Tough Coating for a Smooth Energy Flow in conventional batteries, contact resistance on the terminals can build up and cause the nickel layer to peel off and the battery to fail.
- Triple Tough Coating solves this with an iron/nickel-plated alloy on the positive and negative terminals that improves adhesion and reduces contatc resistance.
- The result? Enhanced energy flow and longer life.
- Store Batteries Safely for Up to 10 Years*
- Depend on Panasonic Alkaline and EVOLTA to keep power locked in even after years in storage.
- Quality materials works to prevent degradation while Anti-Leak Protection minimizes the chance of leakage to ensure long-life stability.
- When unused and properly stored.

*Original 1year Warranty By Panasonic Malaysia*
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Panasonic Alkaline AA Size 2pcs Pack Battery LR6T/2B

RM 8.90