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EZVIZ H8C 4G 3MP 2K Outdoor Security CCTV Camera

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==Seamless protection, no Wi-Fi needed==

Introducing a game-changer designed for areas with limited Wi-Fi access – the EZVIZ H8c 4G camera. This innovation offers 2K resolution, 360-degree protection coverage, AI-powered human and vehicle shape detection, and more. Not only does it safeguard your property, but it also eliminates connectivity frustrations. With 4G network, the H8c 4G ensures uninterrupted protection in Wi-Fi-challenged locations. Experience real-time alerts, two-way communication, and remote access via our user-friendly app with simple installation process. It's the ideal choice for users seeking reliable, long-term security solutions, regardless of their Wi-Fi limitations.


==Greater protection doesn't depend on Wi-Fi==

Setting up Wi-Fi infrastructure in new or arge areas can entail unnecessary expenses and effort. The H8c 4G offers a solution with dual connectivity options, allowing users to access the network via 4G SIM cards or a cable through the RJ45 Ethernet port. No Wi-Fi? No problem.


==Made to protect broader areas==

With no reliance on Wi-Fi access, the H8c 4G operates seamlessly with just a power supply. It can apply to a wide range of situations, meeting your daily requirements for home or property protection effortlessly.


==360° plus 2K, for far less blind spots==

A bigger space needs a wider view, and that’s where the H8c 4G comes in handy. It can pan and tilt to take in a 360-degree field-of-view, and render details in 2K resolution to capture crucial moments clearly.


==Advanced detection for enhanced peace-of-mind==

The built-in AI algorithm enables the camera to discern moving individuals and vehicles, minimizing false alerts triggered by natural surroundings like falling leaves or insects. It also promptly notifies you if an unauthorized vehicle parks in your property area.


==Detect and track all the crucial moments==

The H8c 4G sets humans apart from animals or other irrelevant objects’ movements. When it detects human activity, it locks onto the target and autonomously tracks the motion, leaving nothing unnoticed in your watchful gaze.


==One click return to the preset location==

No matter how complicated the tracking is, the camera always knows it’s way back to your preferred viewing angle. You can pinpoint up to 12 angles via the EZVIZ App. Just click on your pre-set dots and the camera will automatically resume its place.


==Adjustable sound and light alarm==

Equipped with an active defense function, this camera offers an additional level of security. When it senses intruders, it triggers a powerful siren and illuminates with two spotlights² to deter them on the spot. What's more, users have the flexibility to customize the sound and light alarm settings to suit their preferences.


==A neat design for all homes, against all weathers==

Say goodbye to the bulkiness. The H8c 4G has a compact design, and is weatherproof to deliver long-standing performance, even in harsh weather conditions.


==Smart integration, hands-free control==

Easily manage your H8c 4G via the EZVIZ App. What’s better, you can voice-enable the live viewing with “Hey Google” or “Alexa” to check what’s happening on a bigger screen.


==Detachable mount plate makes installation easy==

The H8c 4G facilitates the setup process. By detaching the mounting base from the camera body, you can install it separately, eliminating the need to hold the entire camera in place while finding the optimal installation spot.

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