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FingerTec Kadex+ Door Access & Time Attendance System

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Kadex+ is a robust and reliable RFID Access Control device based on Linux, it is designed to be both IP65 waterproof and IK04 vandal-proof. Kadex+ showcases a sleek design with a metal midframe housing and a 2.4-inch LCD color screen.


IP65 Water and Dust Resistant
Experience superior protection with IP65 water and dust resistance. Not only is Kadex+ dust-tight, but it is also watertight against water spray, ensuring a longer product lifetime


Small, Yet Functional
Despite its compact size, Kadex+ is highly functional, with an impressive storage size of 50,000 users and 200,000 transaction logs.

Manage Your Shift Workers
Kadex+ can be programmed with a total of 50 time zones – perfect for companies with shift work.

Efficient Data Processing
Integrated with Ingress software, the bundled solution with door access and time attendance solution in one system.


IK04 Vandal Proof
Kadex+ features IK04 vandal-proof technology, ensuring a longer lifespan by providing exceptional impact protection. It is designed to be durable and secure, incorporating technology built to last.


Combine Verification Methods
Choose a combination of verification methods to secure your workplace i.e. card and password for tighter security.


Get Your Money’s Worth
This model offers an economical access control solution, providing efficiency and performance without breaking the bank.


Secured and Accurate
Kadex+ can be installed for door access and staff time & attendance, offering companies both security and data accuracy within a single system.

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FingerTec Kadex+ Door Access & Time Attendance System

RM 1,456.00