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FingerTec Face ID 5 Hybrid Face Recognition Access Device

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Face ID 5 series is the latest face and palm verification terminal that has been upgraded with the ultimate light-proof function. Users can now benefit from the advanced optical technology which is designated especially to address customers’ previous concerns and facilitate the detection process from all light sources. Invest in a device with varieties of proven features while obtaining high efficiency and accuracy of identity verification. Choose Face ID 5 series , the clearest choice of face recognition system around.

Latest AI Face Recognition Technology

Embedded with the ultimate light-proof function technology to verify faces successfully even in a variety of light conditions.

A Safer Choice

Touch-less face verification technology provides greater convenience and better protection against cross-contamination.

Large Capacity

Stores up to 6,000 face templates, 6,000 fingerprint templates, 3,000 palm templates and up to 200,000 transaction logs.

Palm Verification

Opt for contactless verification with the palm scanning method to keep safe from unwanted transmission.

Verify with Mask On

Verifies a face even with a mask on for better safety; the feature is optional yet crucial amid the pandemic.

Anti-Spoofing Checks

The technology has been improved with better security conguration to prevent crimes and spoofing attempts.

Speedy Verification

Accurate verifications in seconds, an essential feature for door access to ensure smooth people flow.

Efficient Data Processing

Integrated with Ingress software, the bundled solution with door access and time attendance solution in one single system.

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FingerTec Face ID 5 Hybrid Face Recognition Access Device

RM 2,990.00