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    Promotion our wireless ipcam series.

    Ezviz HB8 2K‚Āļ 4MP Rechargeable Battery Wi-Fi Built-in 32GB eMMC Storage CCTV Camera

    RM 699.00RM 639.00

    FEATURES:Wireless 2K+ indoor and outdoor cameraImage sensor 1/3" 4 megapixel progressive scan CMOS sensorMinimum illumination 0.01 lux at (F1.6, AGC on), 0 lux with IR (data from EZVIZ labs)Shutter speed...

    EZVIZ C3W 2MP Wireless Outdoor Wi-Fi Security CCTV IP Camera

    RM 235.00 ‚Äď RM 398.00

    2 megapixel (1080P) 2.8mm @ F1.8, view angle: 95¬į (Horizontal), 110¬į(Diagonal)2 Megapixel (1080P) 4mm@ F2.0, view angle: 81¬į (Horizontal), 94¬į(Diagonal)‚ö†ÔłŹPlease take Note !!! C3WN only support One-Way Audio!!!Only Built-in ūüé§...

    Ezviz CB3 2MP Standalone Battery Powered Smart Motion Detect Color Night Vision Security Camera

    RM 399.00RM 299.00

    Brand: EzvizModel: CB3Image Sensor: 1/2.9‚ÄĚ 2-Megapixel Progressive Scan CMOS SensorMinimum Illumination: 0.01 Lux @(F2.0, AGC ON), 0 Lux with IRShutter Speed: Self-adaptive shutterLens: 2.8mm @ F2.0 Viewing angle: 128¬į (Diagonal),...

    Ezviz H6 3K 5MP 1620p Night Vision Auto-Zoom Tracking IP CCTV Camera

    RM 299.00RM 269.00

    ==Full-coverage smart protection with crystal-clear precision==Experience reinforced home security and effortless connectivity with your loved ones. The EZVIZ H6 allows you to keep track of all the important moments at...

    EZVIZ C1HC H.265 HD 720P Resolution Indoor Wireless CCTV

    RM 99.99 ‚Äď RM 248.00

    ‚ÄĘ VIEW ANYWHERE, ANYTIME through the EZVIZ app, which lets you see all of your EZVIZ cameras in one place. Secure and encrypted using multilayer security and end-to-end video encryption...

    EZVIZ CB1 Full HD 1080P 2MP Wi-Fi Battery Powered Security CCTV Camera

    RM 229.00RM 175.00

    FEATURES:==A versatile choice for simpler protection==The CB1 is EZVIZ’s new flexible and reliable indoor battery camera that can basically go anywhere inside your home. Thanks to its wire-free design and...

    Ezviz H8 Pro 5MP 3K Color Night Vision Outdoor Security CCTV Camera

    RM 429.00RM 369.00

    ==A wider, sharper eye for full area coverage==It’s time to upgrade your outdoor security system with the brand-new EZVIZ H8 Pro 3K camera. Boosted by on-board AI algorithm, this next-level...

    EZVIZ H3 3K (5MP) Color Night Vision Outdoor IP67 WiFi CCTV Camera

    RM 329.00RM 299.00

    ==Trusted outdoor protection with added smarts==It's possibly one of the most durable and feature-rich home cameras made for 24/7 home protection. Thanks to the built-in AI, the H3 3K sends...

    Ezviz EB8 4G LTE Solar Type-C Battery Powered 2k 3MP Outdoor Smart IP CCTV Camera

    RM 699.00RM 650.00

    „ÄźExtended Connectivity with 4G LTE„ÄĎWi-Fi coverage will no longer be a problem when finding that perfect location to install the EB8 4G. Just install the camera any place with a...

    EZVIZ H1C Full HD 1080P 2MP Indoor CCTV IP Camera

    RM 149.00RM 119.00

    FEATURES:==Peace of mind delivered in a petite way==Simple but reliable, the H1c can be your essential indoor camera to keep an eye on your kids and pets, while offering protection...

    EZVIZ C8W Pro 2K 3MP Wi-Fi Outdoor Camera

    RM 399.00RM 329.00

    ūü•ŹImage Sensor : 1/2.7" Progressive Scan CMOSūü•ŹLens : 4mm@ F1.6, viewing angle:87¬į (Horizontal), 105¬į(Diagonal) 6mm@ F1.6, viewing angle: 55¬į (Horizontal), 66¬į(Diagonal)ūü•ŹMax Resolution : 2Kūü•ŹFrame Rate: Max: 30fps; Self-Adaptive during network...

    EZVIZ C6 2K‚Āļ 4MP 1440P WiFi IP Security Camera

    RM 329.00RM 269.00

    ==Protection made easy and enjoyable== A camera small in size, but big on functionality. With on-camera AI, the C6 2K‚Āļ identifies humans and pets in an instant, and detects abnormal...

    Ezviz H8C 2K‚Āļ 2MP / 4MP Outdoor Camera

    RM 229.00 ‚Äď RM 249.00

    ‚úĒÔłŹ 1080P / 2K Resolution‚úĒÔłŹ 360¬į Panoramic Coverage‚úĒÔłŹ AI-Powered Human / Vehicle Shape Detection‚úĒÔłŹ Smart Auto-Tracking‚úĒÔłŹ One-Click Return to Pre-Set Directions‚úĒÔłŹ Motion Detection‚úĒÔłŹ Color Night Vision‚úĒÔłŹ Two-Way Talk‚úĒÔłŹ Active Defense...

    Ezviz CB8 2K 3MP Rechargeable Battery Wi-Fi Weatherproof Security CCTV Camera

    RM 549.00 ‚Äď RM 629.00

    FEATURES:Outdoor 360-degree scanning cameraClear image quality with 3MP resolutionSuper long battery life up to 210 days (10400mAh)Convenient with Auto-tracking feature ( tracking)Active defense allows sirens to be activated and two...

    Ezviz C8PF Dual Lens 8X Non-Blurry Zoom Outdoor Wireless IP WiFi Camera

    RM 434.00 ‚Äď RM 519.00

    ¬† ==Wider,¬†clearer¬†views¬†with¬†picture-in-picture¬†display== ¬†With¬†the¬†award-winning¬†C8PF,¬†you¬†will¬†never¬†miss¬†the¬†bigger¬†picture¬†while¬†also¬†seeing¬†what‚Äôs¬†important¬†‚Ästdown¬†to¬†every¬†detail.¬†This¬†pan-tilt-zoom¬†camera¬†features¬†advanced¬†dual-lens¬†technologies¬†to¬†fulfill¬†unprecedented¬†8-time¬†mixed¬†zoom¬†for¬†home¬†protection,¬†and¬†provides¬†a¬†picture-in-picture¬†video¬†display¬†mode¬†of¬†both¬†wide¬†and¬†close-up¬†views. ¬† ¬† ¬†==Double¬†your¬†views¬†with¬†picture-in-picture¬†display== ¬†EZVIZ¬†designed¬†the¬†C8PF¬†to¬†provide¬†useful¬†picture-in-picture¬†display,¬†in¬†both¬†live¬†viewing¬†and¬†video¬†playback¬†modes.¬†The¬†camera¬†captures¬†a¬†large¬†picture¬†on¬†a¬†small¬†window¬†display,¬†and¬†renders¬†close-up¬†shots¬†on¬†a¬†full¬†screen¬†without¬†blurring¬†the¬†image.¬†You¬†can¬†always¬†tap¬†to¬†zoom¬†in¬†on¬†areas¬†of¬†interest,¬†so¬†as¬†not¬†to¬†miss¬†a¬†thing¬†on¬†far-away¬†objects. ¬† ¬† ¬†==Impressive,¬†non-blurry¬†8-time¬†mixed¬†zoom¬†for¬†extended¬†vision== ¬†The¬†C8PF¬†stands¬†as¬†the¬†world‚Äôs¬†very¬†first¬†smart¬†home¬†camera¬†that¬†achieves¬†8-time¬†mixed¬†zoom.¬†What‚Äôs¬†in¬†the¬†mix,¬†you¬†ask?¬†The¬†integration¬†of¬†a¬†12¬†mm¬†telephoto¬†lens¬†with¬†a¬†2.8¬†mm¬†wide-angle¬†lens.¬†Users¬†can¬†take¬†advantage¬†of¬†this¬†advanced¬†feature¬†by¬†using¬†the¬†EZVIZ¬†App¬†to¬†zoom¬†in¬†and¬†out¬†smoothly,¬†keeping¬†an¬†eye¬†on¬†what‚Äôs¬†important¬†without¬†compromising¬†on¬†image¬†quality¬†or¬†clarity.¬†It¬†also¬†features¬†four¬†infrared¬†lights¬†for¬†great¬†night¬†vision¬†up¬†to¬†30¬†meters¬†(98¬†feet). ¬† ¬† ¬†==Smart¬†alerts¬†with¬†AI-powered¬†human¬†shape¬†detection== ¬†Thanks¬†to¬†EZVIZ‚Äôs¬†advanced¬†AI¬†technologies,¬†the¬†C8PF¬†reduces¬†false¬†or¬†irrelevant¬†alarms¬†by¬†distinguishing¬†human¬†shapes¬†from¬†pets¬†or¬†objects.¬†In¬†addition,¬†you¬†can¬†customize¬†detection¬†sensitivity¬†and¬†time¬†schedules¬†to¬†further¬†filter¬†out¬†unwanted¬†alerts. ¬† ¬† ¬†==See,¬†hear¬†and¬†talk,¬†from¬†anywhere== ¬†It‚Äôs¬†your¬†eyes,¬†as¬†well¬†as¬†your¬†ears¬†and¬†voice.¬†The¬†C8PF¬†comes¬†with¬†a¬†built-in¬†microphone¬†and¬†a¬†speaker,¬†so¬†you¬†can¬†effortlessly¬†hear¬†and¬†talk¬†to¬†your¬†family,¬†welcome¬†visitors,¬†or¬†turn¬†away¬†uninvited¬†guests¬†by¬†simply¬†using¬†your¬†smartphone. ¬† ¬† ¬†==360-degree¬†vision,¬†365-day¬†protection== ¬†The¬†C8PF¬†excels¬†in¬†both¬†flexibility¬†and¬†durability.With¬†the¬†pan¬†&¬†tilt¬†design,¬†it¬†delivers¬†360-degree¬†panoramic¬†field-of-view¬†to¬†avoid¬†blind¬†spots,¬†all¬†through¬†easy¬†click-and-drag¬†app¬†controls.¬†The¬†C8PF¬†is¬†also¬†fully¬†weatherproof¬†for¬†long-standing¬†performance¬†even¬†in¬†stormy¬†weather

    Ezviz BC2 2MP Indoor Wi-Fi Battery Security Camera Wireless CCTV

    RM 359.00RM 289.00

    FEATURES:==Goes anywhere, fits in any style==Meet a camera that packs a bundle of features anyone could use for indoor protection, companionship, and fun. Battery-powered and mini-sized with a modern look,...

    EZVIZ BC1- B1 Wireless Battery-Powered Camera Kit | 1080p 2.8mm

    RM 499.00 ‚Äď RM 599.00

    MODEL: CS-BC1-B1**(One Camera)Ultra-long battery life for year-round peace of mind.Used together with a base Station, the BC1 wire-free camera delivers well-rounded home protection for up to a full year on...

    Ezviz Solar Charging Panel for Battery Powered Rechargeable Camera

    RM 99.00 ‚Äď RM 139.00

    ==With this solar panel, you no longer need to manually recharge your EZVIZ battery cameras. The sunlight will keep the connected camera powered on all day and every day.==Compatible with...

    EZVIZ C3WN 1080P (2MP) Wireless Outdoor IP66 Wi-Fi Security CCTV IP Camera

    RM 278.00 ‚Äď RM 429.00

    ‚ÄĘ 2 years warranty (send back to us or Ezviz Malaysia) ‚ÄĘ Technical support hotline: 03-92121745 ÔľąMon-Fri 8:30am ‚Äď 5:30pmÔľČ ‚ÄĘ Free 30 days cloud storage. Additional subscription as low...

    EZVIZ C6N 1080P / 4MP Wireless Security Camera CCTV Camera

    RM 129.00 ‚Äď RM 254.00

    ‚ÄĘ 1 megapixel 1/4‚ÄĚProgressive Scan CMOS‚ÄĘ Motion Detection‚ÄĘ DWDR, 3D DNR, Panoramic 360¬į Photo‚ÄĘ Pan : 340¬į , Tilt : 120¬į‚ÄĘ Micro SD up to 256GB‚ÄĘ Auto Tracking shoot‚ÄĘ Wireless‚ÄĘ...

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